National Meeting of the railway modeling 2012
17 August 2012

National Meeting of the railway modeling 2012

In support of initiatives to promote rail Model in Bulgaria

Association "Model Railroad Club - Bulgaria" with

with the kind assistance of the

National Meeting of the railway modelin in Bulgaria in 2012.

The meeting will be held from 19 to 21 October 2012 in ecohotel "Zdravets" near Plovdiv. The hotel is located in National Park "Rodopi", 25 km south-west of Plovdiv.

Additional pictures could be seen on:

To participate in the second meeting are invited:

Assosiation "Train modelin", Assosiation „Bulgarian Loco Forum”www.railwaymodeling.comAir Group 2000,Club „Scale Model-Bulgaria”Bulgarian Lego Club „Lebgo”Forum „Bulgarian Railway”Public Transport Forum, all organized or not organized in clubs, workshops, study groups, organizations or friendship circles modelin rail and all hobbyists,collectors, maketisti, modelin bench, and supporters spotariexperiencing passion and interest in and to train models Model railways as a whole, regardless of size, age and administration.

The meeting is the third row, with ambitions to create atradition and is part of initiatives to promote rail Model. We wantto know more closely, to exchange experiences, ideas and facts,model trains to ride, to ride on amusement train, hauled by steam locomotive, to establish and strengthen contacts. Whoeverwishes, let him lead his family to delight them.


Participation fee is 5 BGN including  taxes for the conference halls and multimedia. The fee is valid for the participants only and will not be applied for the companions.

Participants and companions pay the following packages / optional /:


  • 24.00 BGN bed and breackfast
  • 31.00 BGN HB  /bed,breackfast and dinner/
  • 35.00 лв. FB

For children up to 7 years old is charged only the prices of packages are:

  • 3.00 BGN BB
  • 12.00 BGN HB
  • 17.00 BGN FB


For children 7 to12 y.o.prices of packages are:

  • 14.00 BGN BB
  • 20.00 BGN HB
  • 25.00 BGN FB

There is a reservation for one, two, three or four nights at will, starting on Thursday, 10/19/2011

Two meat and one vegetarian menu are available for choice.

Free pool, sauna, jakuzi, steam bath, fitnes, parking during your stay in the hotel.

Price reduction for all attractions.



Thursday - 18.10.2011

Arrival / optional / and accommodation, leisure.

19.00 - dinner

Friday - on 19.10.2012

7.30 - breakfast


12.30 - Lunch


14.00 - tracks of modular assembly in scale and scope H0, TT, 1, N -tests.

19.00 - dinner

Saturday - on 20.10.2012

7.30 - breakfast
09:00 to 10:00 - Registration for participation
10:00 to 10:10 - Opening
10:10 to 10:50 - Lecture
10.50 – 12.30 – demonstrations and train riding
12.30 – LUNCH
13.00 – 19.00 – demonstrations and train riding
19.30 - Closing common dinner, awarding three winners in the contest, raffle, DJ

Sunday - on 21.10.2011

7.30 - breakfast

10.00 – 12.00 - disassembly of modular routes

Free time and departure


Saving for hotel and / or attraction to travel is September 09, 2012
Requests for participation will be accepted until September 30, 2012 to mail address, phone 029870358, 0898489535, 0878246257 or personalmessage in the forum of Railway passion( for Mario Girginov - Chairman of the Association "Model RailwayClub - Bulgaria" and include:

  • Full name of participant;
  • Phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Username, if registered in the forum
  • City of residence;
  • Family you will attend or not / number of people, respectively,children and age /;
  • Do you belong to an association, club, etc. or not.
  • Chosen menu

In the application form / if using hotel / to pay 30% deposit of the value of the selected package. The rest should be paid not later than September 30, 2012.

For the DJ to pay  2 BGN extra adult.

Payments should be done via bank transfer:

Марио Кирилов Гиргинов
Райфайзен Банк (Raifaizen Bank)
BG 21 RZBB 9155 1076 1883 10

In Reason field should be put „Участие в НС 2012"

For questions and clarifications:, 02 987 03 58, 0898 489 535, 0878 246 257 or private message in Railway passion ( for Mario Girginov - Chairman of the Association "Model RailwayClub - Bulgaria".


On the occasion of the forthcoming meeting of the NationalRailway modelin in Bulgaria in 2011
Association "Model Railroad Club - Bulgaria" with
announce competitions on the topic:

1. Best - and finished looking diorama, model or fremo module.
No specific subject requirements, topography, size, age,administration or seasons.
2. Most - actually reproduced or nezadvizhen driven model
Bulgarian railway rolling composition.
There are no specific requirements for traction, size or age. The competition is not allowed to participate 15:47 club locomotiveand factory-made Bulgarian Railway models.
3. At - unrealistic aged nezadvizhen driven or model railwayrolling composition.
There are no specific requirements for traction, size, age, oradministration. The competition is not allowed to participateaged factory models.

Competing models will be exhibited for inspection at the National Meeting. Prizes are provided by the and will be awarded during the closing dinner after a totalvote of all present.

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National meeting of railway modelists in Bulgaria 2011 The association "Club - Rail Modeling Bulgaria"